Translator Application

If you’re interested in a translation job, you’ve come to the right place! We work with a worldwide pool of highly skilled, bilingual translators and specialize in high quality, fast turnaround projects for clients.

Most of our projects relate to the translation of certificates or grades – typically 1-10 pages long – from all languages to all languages (although primarily to English). Our system assigns projects based on the translators’ history of quality, speed and price.

Depending on language, we can offer you a steady flow of projects and we pay you each Monday for jobs completed the prior week.

Our requirements are simple – you need to be bilingual, accurate and prompt, and you need to be proficient in manipulating both Microsoft Word and Adobe PDF documents.

If you meet our qualifications, complete this form along with your languages and per word rates. If your pricing is competitive we can have you ready to earn translation income within a day!